September 4, 2008


At some point last December, while we were out to dinner, someone in my immediate family prompted the obligatory discussion of New Year's resolutions. We were to go around the table one-by-one, and resolve to the coming year. This way, you know, our studio audience would have plenty of zany antics to follow in the coming weeks as we tried/failed to reach our goals. 

Out of respect for their privacy, I have chosen not to disclose the others' resolutions (read: I'm self-involved and don't remember), but I remember that I pulled mine out of nowhere that night. I had moved to New York only two months before, and the year ahead seemed quite daunting already. With so much - get work, find a place to live, make friends, come up with a plan, don't give up, and generally just grow up - already on my plate, I didn't feel comfortable piling on "take up the oboe." So instead, I reached into my pocket and pulled out "I want to start blogging again." It was simple, surmountable, and it had the luxury of being true.

And now it's September. 

Let's just ignore the fact that I came so late to the party and cherish the fact I showed up at all. Here we are. Welcome! Those of you who were readers of my first blog (Dlog) know that it was poorly maintained and slowly updated. I expect the go-around to be different. It's possible that I have more time on my hands than I did in college, but that's not the reason I will post more often.  Lately I find myself in need of a creative outlet, and obviously in the future I hope that such a thing will be available in the form of cracking my way into the theatre business, but for now, I think this can help. I also want to stay in touch with many different groups of friends and family, and this is a good way to do that too.

Also I may have forgotten how to write. I'm currently trying to work up the courage to use a semi-colon. 

To get us started, how about I fill you in on what I have managed to accomplish since graduating from the University of Tennessee in May of '07. I'll be brief and chronological:  
  • I went west
My summer at Shakespeare Santa Cruz was an amazing experience. I got to work with talented and passionate people in an environment that was almost imaginary. My correspondence with the great friends I made there, on the other hand, has been lackluster, and it's all my fault. Occasionally folks in Santa Cruz give me a call (at 3 in the morning), which is nice, but I haven't done my part. I really hope someday I can make it back to that company.  
  • I came back
The three days I spent driving back from California was the longest I've ever been completely alone.  I got a lot of thinking done. I also got a lot of mountain dew drinking and singing loudly done. 
  • I moved into my parents'
Awesome, right? Well my parents are cool, okay, so rack off. They're the parents that hold the best sleepovers and always have the fridge well-stocked. Needless to say, I need to find an apartment, and it's not easy in New York, but it's going to happen soon.  
  • I got a job
I'm a Barnes & Noble Bookseller. I guess it doesn't pay well at all, but it's enjoyable working with books and people who like books.  I don't expect I'll be here for very long, but in the meantime, it's a good fit. If you ever want to distract me from showing crazy people where the sexuality section is, call 212.794.1962. I also occasionally run Doug's Doggy Daycare (unofficial title) which includes walking pups and housesitting. It's easy and it brings in some extra scrap. 
  • I met a girl
A lovely lady named Meredith is now a huge part of my life.  We've been dating for almost nine months. She's gorgeous and way smarter than me. Looking back, it's crazy to me that I just moved to New York and took only a few months to find someone. Sometimes I feel like I'm on Sex and the City. Anyway, she delights me to no end. 
  • I auditioned
Some. Not enough, and not as much as I will this year. I went to my first New York open calls, and I got to experience my first agent-arranged commercial audition, and I got a call-back or two. Alright, I got exactly two. I have a feeling when the next New Years' resolution comes around, it will involve not sucking as much in this department. 
  • I saw some theatre
My first chance to see a full season of theatre in New York has not disappointed. August: Osage County was one of the best plays I'll ever see. Rock n' Roll hit such a chord with me, I had to go see it again. Seeing Hamlet in central park with Mer on my birthday was a great experience, even if they shot horatio in the head. I also loved Top Girls, and no, Brad, that's not what it's about.  
  • I went to the beach
After a notable absence from Moron family summer festivities in 2007. I was able to get away this summer and visit the whole gang in Garden City, SC. I love my family, and this week was special for me. Also, I got a sunburn that looked like China.   
  • I got a day off, had nothing to do, so I started a blog
And I'll try to make it as interesting as I can. Please feel free to comment at length, post links, correct me, mock other commenters and make jokes, but please don't do it anonymously.  I just realized this post had no foul language, but I can't guarantee that trend will continue, especially if the post relates to Tennessee sporting events. 

My main inspiration for starting this today was my friend Alex, who I haven't talked to in a while. I was thinking of him today because his fantasy football team really sucks, and I remembered a time in college when I thought no one was reading the blog at all, but Alex told me "Every day I come home and open my computer to check and your blog.  Only one of them is ever updated. You need to get going so I can have something to waste my time on." That felt really good, and it was encouraging to know Al could read.  

Enjoy the weekend. I hope you're all ready for some football.  


Mary said...

i really thought the sunburn looked like australia...perhaps we should post a photo...

Charles said...

First of all I must correct a mistake I your section on moving in with your parents you told us they were cool so "rack off." Not sure if that is NYC verbiage or maybe my vocabulary isnt what it should be.

Secondly I look forward to reading the ramblings of the best versed moron I know.

Thirdly as I am sure I am the only person to have not seen or met this girl of yours (since I am the last one in this family to ever know anything) I need to see pictures of this chick...and does she have any sisters???

Lookin forward to the next post Dongless!

Catherine said...

You have managed to make me smile at the end of a very long tiring week. Despite only working four days, I'm amazed that I didn't kill any children. Thanks. :)

Zach said...

Where the fuck is my mentioning?

Bobak said...

I just wanted to say I laughed out loud at Zach's comment.

LP P said...

I have a couple of comments really:

1. Thank you. Today is friday and I've had far too much caffeine for my 5'2 frame to handle and needed distraction from work before I literally bounce out the window.

2. If you'd like to take a crack at the oboe... let me know... I played for several year; yes, I wish I was kidding.

3. I'm proud that you quoted The West Wing, the episode where C.J. doesn't understand the idea of a consensus and Sam is of help... don't mess with me and Sorkin.... I'll know.

4. Zach; watch your fucking language.

April said...

Aww Dougie I miss you! Hopefully my family will get to NYC soon I need to visit family and you guys! I thought you were going to write a book about your life from your blog stuff? Did that go anywhere? By the way I NEED to meet this gf of yours.

brad.j said...

So...Top Girls isn't about the feminist movement in the early 20th century?

Then it must be about Sarah Palin's slut of a daughter.

Cynthia said...

Douglas... It was so good reading about your life and learning what you have been up to. I am so glad that you have started writing your blog again. I look forward to your future readings and miss you so much! I agree with April... I must meet this gf of yours!

Rebecca said...

can i tell you how happy this tiny outlet into your world makes me? i felt all warm and fuzzy inside just reading this and knowing that you're my friend that i miss very much...or did the warm and fuzzy come from the scotch? hmmm. i don't know. i'm SO happy that you're working in the city (who cares if it's with books?), keeping your lady friend around, spending qt with your fam, and doing all those other lovely, healthy, self-enriching activities that you can dream up. love.

Shashona said...

Dougie fresh...

I was so excited to see this blog.
I miss you. and your mustache.

i'm coming out to NYC for winter break...
can we hang out?

Charlotte said...

I just spent 30 minutes training your grandmother to blog. This should be interesting to see her comments!! I must say that reading a blog is a great way to know what is going on in my son's life...maybe Brad could start one!

Anonymous said...

Well, this is brand new to me. I guess it is because you are special...and then again maybe it is just because I have such a strong memory of rubbing sunscreen on that giant back of yours...ahhh, that was fun!

Love ya, BettyJ

brad.j said...

I don't think your back's all that giant...although it's the only back I've ever seen that looks like a specific continent.

Mere said...

Really... I must meet this girlfriend of yours... Oh and Go Vols!

brian said...

Doug, it's been 4 days. You've got be more on top of this thing!

Anonymous said...

YES! the blog is back. im gonna to have to dust my reading skills off. This blog killed a good 30 min. I should have been writing my lab report that is due tomorrow. Thanks for starting again now I can keep up with what doug is doing. I guess it has been a while since I talked to you. maybe I should give you a call.


Please, dont do any semi-colons. thats like a half a bowl movement right?