October 29, 2008


Brought to you by the Times Square Station Subway Station Underpass:

Wow, thanks guys. I feel so much better now. Ready to tackle anything. 

October 1, 2008

Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief

Manhattan Repertory Theatre is a really cool local company that has a lot of studio space right off of Times Square at 42nd street.  They're dedicated to producing new plays by aspiring playwrights, and they don't charge hardly anything to you, the playwright, or you, the director to put on a show. Last week the director of one such show (see above) contacted my friend Zack to see if he could fill a small role.  He could not, but was kind enough to recommend me, and thus, here we are. A friend of a friend, blah blah blah, no audition necessary, and I've got my foot in the very narrow door of the New York theatre underworld. 

I certainly don't want to make too big a deal out of such a small role in a limited project. In fact, I've never been in a show before that had no stage manager, no designers, and no crew (so far it looks like the director will be running the light board and CD player herself). I'm just happy to be back in a rehearsal room, a space where any theatre at all is happening.  It's also fun to get off the train at Times Square and walk past three Broadway Theaters on the way to rehearsal.

I have yet to figure out whether the play is any good. I don't quite get it, or at least I didn't at first and I'm slowly warming to it. It's a comedy; a contemporary farce set at present, and has a lot to do with indians, cowboys, wads of cash, diamond rings and the removal of clothing. I play an antiques appraiser, who comes in at the end like Fortinbras and sets everybody straight.  If you're in the area, come on out. I know you want to, especially after that ringing endorsement of the material. For reasons completely beyond my understanding, the tickets are $20 a piece.