September 27, 2008

1-3 (0-2)

Here is a collection of actual text messages received from actual friends during Tennessee football games so far this season:

Sweet coverage. wow.

Man. oh man.

Oh no!!! I just saw the score.

Has it come to this already? I thought 3rd quarter at earliest

We suck.

We should punt on first down and pray the defense scores.
Oh no hunny



I feel really good about this season. (sent before season started)


I think the problem is the special teams players are actually "special"

I smell a losing season


9 yards! Woohoo!!!

We're terrible Doug.  We're not good.

I'm not sure there won't be a riot here (sent from Neyland stadium)

Look at the bright side.........................

Is there anything else on?

Go Titans! Fuck this.

They're discontinuing my brand of lip-gloss!

I'm gonna break something.

By the way, the addition to the stadium looks great.

The important thing is that they had fun out there.

When's basketball season?  

So, based on these communications alone, how do you think the season is going?

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Mere said...

I thought that you might be happy to know that MAC is NOT discontinuing my lipgloss. I'm sure you were concerned.